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After a long rest

Week 211 - Saturday

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I slept much better on Friday night and woke up looking forward to the workout. I was anticipating the 16x100s which I was planning on doing kick with no fins today. Tom decided to switch it up.

Warm up
400 kick easy
6x50 kick on :50

main sets
12x50 kick on :50 easy/fast by 25
2x(4x200 kick on 4mins as
#1 200
#2 100, 100
#3 100,50,50
#4 50,50,50,50
10 seconds rest after 100s, 5 seconds rest after 50s
200 easy
10x50 kick on 1min easy

my legs were like jello after #4 of the 200s but I really worked hard on the set and was really pleased with the times. I was 2:50,2:48,2:45,2:40,2:49,2:47,2:45,2:40. Just a few more days and I can swim again and I will start to feel whether the pain in the elbow is going away or not. So far I am optimistic about the injection.

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