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Identical pulse plot

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by , October 24th, 2016 at 11:29 PM (11 Views)
Oh, I could blow up the scale on the axes and make it look like my Salo Pulse Plot results from today were dramatically different from a month ago, but they were essentially the same. Yeah, there was a slight migration of the slope down and to the right, indicating, in theory, a slight gain in aerobic fitness, but it was pretty much the same.

The one realization from both my race yesterday and the pulse plot today is this: with the meet three weeks away and my focus on the 400 IM, I've got to turn my attention to more speedwork.

Here's what I've entered in the Ron Johnson Invitational ( on Nov 12th and 13th:

Sex Distance Stroke Time Date
3 Men 50 SCM Breast 0:34.25 11/12/2016
5 Men 400 SCM IM 4:55.55 11/12/2016
10 Men 200 SCM Fly 2:21.09 11/12/2016
17 Men 100 SCM IM 1:02.91 11/13/2016
20 Men 400 SCM Free 4:19.70 11/13/2016
25 Men 50 SCM Back 0:30.01 11/13/2016
27 Men 100 SCM Free 0:55.72 11/13/2016

I'm pretty psyched for the first day: I am not expecting to be super-fast, but my fly feels good and I always love the 400 IM. After that, I'd really like to see if I can beat that 400 free time on Day #2. That 400 free time dates from 2005 for me and remains my best non-bodysuit time. As I ranged in the '08 to '09 bodysuit era between 4:06 and 4:11+, I figure I should be capable of a 4:16 at some point. I don't think this is the year, but I do want to see if I can beat that.

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