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Better today ...

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by , November 11th, 2016 at 08:04 PM (36 Views)
... maybe even better tomorrow?

I felt much improved from yesterday; still not fast, but smoother and with more power. I hit the JCC in the morning and lollygagged through 1,400 SCY. The highlights, aside from the hot tub afterwards, were strong (but not hard effort) 50s going 30- fly, 32- back and 36+ breast. Those are right fine times if they can be doubled and done in the midst of a 400 IM.

The racing weather will be beautiful as we might be up to about 83/84 each day. I clipped down after my swim and will shave tomorrow. If only I could wear a bodysuit to suck in the gut, life would be sweet.

Events for this weekend:
  • Saturday
    • 50 breast - rev it up and complete the warmup
    • 400 IM - the main event; try not to get lapped
    • 200 fly - the possible event; my fly feels pretty good, but let's see how that IM goes down first

  • Sunday
    • 100 IM - the warmup event
    • 400 free - the main event
    • 50 back - probably will skip this*
    • 100 free - probably will skip this*

* I have a HUGE proposal due to a client on Monday morning that they only gave us a week to respond to; almost for sure I need to get out of the pool and behind my computer right after the 400.

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