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Sinking in Venice

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by , November 16th, 2016 at 01:48 AM (26 Views)
My boss had to be in two places at once tomorrow - LA and Philly - and so I'm covering for him for his commitment at the conference in LA, leaving me in a hotel on the edge of Venice. I guess with the Pacific Ocean there and the Santa Monica Swim Center up the road, the locals didn't feel the need to build a lot of other pools as the only one I could find for a swim tonight was the Venice High School Pool -

The pool was a nice 1.5 mile walk from my hotel so, while I only did 2K yards, I got in another 3 miles of walking. Tonight was essentially my 'swim out' from the meet this weekend (e.g., more than a cool-down, less than a full & hard workout), but I hope to get in a good & proper workout tomorrow morning at Santa Monica.

Pool #263 in the books of While the picture and list portions of that site are developing well, I need to spend some more time on the blogging portion.

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