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Katia J Hoberman

Power & Swim

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Okee doke, already wrote my blog and it did it go through🙃
I can't wait till next week! I get my new phase w/o, not really so much a fan of the power phase. Plus with my trainer and coach both gone for the holidays all this gets kinda lonely, not hearing any input, or my coach telling " one more one more". I do see and feel myself getting better and stronger, just want to hear it from my superiors!!😆😅


Snatch 25# fast 2 sets
Swing 35# fast 2 sets
lundge jump fast 2 sets
Spd skiers fast 2 sets
slam MB 15# fast 2 sets
tuck jumps fast 2 sets
Asst pulls slow 2 sets
push ups slow 2 sets
goblet sqts 30# slow 2 sets


400 w/u
10 50's mix kick
10 50's Mix kick fast
6 100's pull bouy
6 25's breaststroke
400 free mod fast pace

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