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by , February 8th, 2017 at 03:55 PM (1169 Views)
Since I started working full-time three years ago, I have found it all too easy to avoid working out. I am not a morning workout fan and sometimes have to be in my office by 7 a.m., so mornings typically have been out. I have an hour for lunch, so my excuse has been that I did not have enough time to get in a "real" workout. The end of the day has not been a good time because of typical mom duties and because I sometimes feel like I have been hit by a mack truck. So, my new motto is, "Doing a little is better than doing nothing at all."

I figure I will get in a little bit on the days I work and try to use my days off from work to get in longer or more challenging workouts. I am off during the summer, so hopefully, I can get in shape now and hit it harder this summer. I did not get a chance to blog yesterday, so I will include my workout from yesterday as well as my workout from today.

5 minute spin on stationary bike

3 rounds of the following:

5 push-ups
10 leg-lifts/knee raises in captain's chair
15 bicep curls
15 shoulder raises

600 easy swim with fins

3 x 100 I.M. Drill - 20 seconds rest between each 100

100 easy

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar

    I tried to comment on your last post, but for some reason the blog system won't let me do it.
    Lots of people around here have been sick with what seems like an unusually high amount of colds and flu. Its been hard to get consistency into my workouts too.

    Starting out at anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 yards seems to me to be a good distance if you were are a reasonably good swimmer. I agree that getting in some yards as often as possible, even if it just 30 min. is better than not getting in at all. I think swimming some yards 2-3+ times per week will help you stick with the sport at a level where you could then train harder when life gives you more time. So keep it up and enjoy getting back into the water and in shape.
  2. elise526's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the encouragement, Sojerz! I hope I can stick to it!