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After a long rest

Chicken legs

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Despite having the opportunity to swim on Sunday I choose to sleep after getting back from an early morning fishing outing. I fished when I was a kid and forgot how much I enjoyed being outdoors with no one around. Despite it being Easter it seemed like a great opportunity to go out on my kayak and be with nature for a few hours. The weather in dallas right now is pretty awesome and I had a blast. Alas, as a result of the fishing and sleeping I missed leg day, so I did legs today.

My my wife always politely describes my legs as chicken legs. I guess they are a little scrawny. Anyhow, today was tough and I had jello legs within a few minutes of starting.

10 mins on stationary bike working on heart rate of 130+ by the end.
3x(elbow exercises and shoulder exercises, wrist flexor, dumbbell pronation and supination with 17.5lbs, elbow flexion and extension with 25lbs, weighted External rotation with arm abducted using 10lb dumbells)
3x(right leg, left leg extension going, 70,80,90lbs by round, right leg, left leg reverse leg raise 70,80,90 lbs by round, leg press using 200lbs on machine)
10 minutes stretching

swim was very short today and was LCM
400 free
4x100 free on 1:30 with snorkel

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