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After a long rest

Aerobic Friday fun

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Today was not what I was expecting and in a sick way today was fun. One of the boys in the senior group came and swam with us this morning and despite feeling sleepy tired I raised my game.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catch-up on :50

main sets
8x75 on 1:10 with fins as 25 no breath free, 25 breast arms with flutter kick, 25 underwater
4x(2x25 stroke on :25, 100 kick on 1:40, 200 free on 2:15)
200 easy
6x100 free on 1:05
100 easy
16x25 on :30 as open, close, easy, fast

warm down
200 easy

i did not feel that great on the transition set with fins, but felt much better on the stroke,kick, free set and was holding :14/:15 on the back, 1:25 on the kick and 2:07/08 on the free. On the 6x100 I felt pretty good and could have done another 4 today.

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