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After a long rest

Budapest week 2 - Tuesday

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I had a really good night of sleep and was still feeling a little tired this morning. I love it when you go to sleep in one position and wake up in the exact same position; this morning was such a morning.

I felt much much better in the water today and despite the nagging pinch in my left shoulder it was no where near as bad today.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catch-up on :50

main sets
8x75 kick on 1:10
2x(3x300 free on 3:40 descend 1-3, 2x100 kick as active recovery on 1:45, 2x50 fast back on :40)
100 easy
8x75 as 50 Back, 25 no breath free on 1:10
8x50 breast(why?) working on timing of kick and shooting on 1min
10x50 with snorkel on :35

warm down
200 ez

i did really well on the 300s going 3:17,3:14,3:10 on round 1 and 3:15,3:10,3:05 on the second round. The kick I was holding 1:27s and the back I was :31/:32s. One of my training partners is a breastroker and she has struggled with timing of the kick and shoot so we did a few 50s working on this. I hated this part! On the 50s on :35 I cruised and was holding :32s throughout. I felt good in the water today. Now I need to string a few of these together.

I am off to Seattle tonight for another whirlwind 24hrs.

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