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After a long rest

Budapest Week 2 - Wednesday

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Work took me to Seattle today. Kirk Nelson arranged for me to swim with him(thanks buddy) this morning. I was quite tired before, during and after today's workout but it was great to swim and briefly catch-up with Kirk. I swam at Iowa while Kirk swam at Michigan State in the late 80s and early 90s and we know a few people on each other teams. Today's workout was great but was definitely more on the straight swimming side than I am used to.

My whirlwind travel day finishes about midnight tonight when I get back to Dallas. These one day trips are pretty tough but they do minimize the amount of time I have to be away from the kids and DeAnna.

Pool setup scy

800 with :45 rest
300 at threshold pace +1 with, :45 rest
700 aerobic :45 rest
300 at threshold pace -1 with, :45 rest
700 aerobic :45 rest
300 at threshold pace -3 with, :45 rest
4x175 back from 70% with :20 at each 25
5x(5x25 free holding under :15s on :45,:45,:30,:45,:15)
200 easy

i was not really on pace today but descended the 300s going(about) 3:24,3:20,3:15. The analog clock and the diving board made it a little tough to see. Despite being relatively slow today in a strange way it felt good to just swim. We don't do any long straight swimming sets so this was a nice change. On the 175s as 25s back I descended from :17s to :15s. On the 25s free I started to feel pretty tired but held :14s throughout.

A big thanks goes out to Kirk for arranging the opportunity to swim with his USAS team. I hope we are both injury free and in racing shape next spring; I hope to see you in Indy. We will be the old guys in the age group again.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Great to see you this morning Stewart! It's not easy to get me to the pool that early, but I must say I feel refreshed now. Ask me how I feel around 2:00 this afternoon.

    Most of our workouts are structured sort of like this. There's a different emphasis every day, but it's almost always some kind of aerobic freestyle set followed by a stroke set and then either a sprint set, kicking, or some kind of drill. If you like to be surprised every day, Cascade Swim Club is not the place for you!