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After a long rest

Budapest Week 2 - Friday

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I had a great night of sleep but was still pretty tired this morning. Despite this I had a good workout today.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on :50

Main sets
10x100 free on 1:10
100 easy
6x(50 fly on :40, 50 back on :40, 50 free on :35)
200 easy
5x50 kick on :55
5x50 kick on :50
5x50 kick on :45
16x25 underwater on :30

Warm down
200 easy

I swam next to two of the kids in my daughters training group(13-14 year olds), one boy and one girl. This was a hard workout. I held my own but these kids are going to be a really special group from Rockwall. There around 10 kids who are on the path to D1 swimming and I believe several who have the potential do be really special. I held 1:03-1:04s throughout the aerobic 100s and actually felt pretty good. The fly,back, free Set was plain hard. My fly is 1 arm these days and I am trying to avoid hurting both my elbow and shoulder. I was coming in on :35s on the fly, :33s on the back and :31s in the free. The kick was pretty easy until the 5 on :45 where I held :41s. The underwater was awful. I can do almost unlimited on :40 but the interval goes below that and eventually I start to hurt. I was hurting after 4 today but made them.

Now I am off to east Texas for a couple days with my son. Can't wait to hang out and see the beautiful big pine trees and wild life.

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