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After a long rest

Budapest Week 3 - Saturday

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The group I am coaching is swimming the Texas Senior Curcuit meet this weekend and I ate later than usual last night as a result; I was afraid this would give me indigestion but luckily it did not. I went to bed normal time and slept awesome. This morning I woke feel achy and stuff but after warmup managed to loosen up. The being sore seems to be a constant theme right now.

Pool Setup LCM
Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catch up on 1min

main sets
300 kick trying to go under 3:30
4x(3x100 free starting at 1:30 descending 5 seconds per round trying to hold 1:15 or better, 3x50 stroke choice fast on 1min)
200 easy
8x50 with fins on 1min as 25 under water, 25 back with first 8 strokes afap tempo

warm down
200 easy

i went 3:25 on the kick. On the aerobic 100s/50 fast set I tried like yesterday relaxing and it really helped. I held 1:14/1:15s throughout. The 1:15 round was tough but not as bad as I assumed it would be and I was 1:13s on this round. The 50s I mixed up back(37s) and free(33s). The hard part about this set was the fact that there was no recovery. I am making steady progress!

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