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After a long rest

Budapest Week 4 - Tuesday

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I am at a conference in Houston this week. Unfortunately I had a 7am meeting yesterday morning and then got hung up in a workshop last night; net result, no swimming yesterday. Today I headed Rice for there early morning workout. I was not feeling that great in warm up but ended up in the fastest lane. Today was IM day and I am not an IM'er(thank goodness). It was a tough workout!

warm up
600 free with snorkel
4x(2x50 IMO by round as 25 kick, 25 swim on :55)

Main sets
16x100 on 1:20 as 2x100 IM, 100 free. With 100 free at the end!
100 easy
3x(4x25 back on :30, 300 pull on 4mins)

warm down
100 easy

i was holding 1:12s on the IMs and 1:05s on the free. I was whooped at the end. There was a really fast young guy in my lane who was flying but I held my own!

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