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After a long rest

Budapest week 4 - Thursday

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I got back from Houston in time to coach my senior group, but was very tired. I slept really well last night but was still tired when I woke this morning. My daughter swam at 5:15 so I was Dad. It's always fun having one in one time with her but like me she was not chatty this morning. I did not really get going this morning and just lifted.

10 minutes on stationary bike
3x(10xlat pull down to chest using 140lbs, 10xtricep rope pulldowns using 42.5 lbs, 10xstanding straight arm pull down using 80lbs)
3x(10 triceps extension using 60lbs, 10 right arm and 10 left arm dumbbell rows using 50lbs, 10 left arm and 10 right arm lying dumbell triceps extensions using 25lbs
3x(elbow exercises and shoulder exercises, wrist flexor, dumbbell pronation and supination with 17.5lbs, elbow flexion and extension with 27.5lbs, weighted External rotation with arm abducted using 12.5lb dumbells)
5x(:30 pull downs on ski machine, :30 easy)
2x(5x(:45 abs, :15 easy) 1 min between rounds
10 minutes on Stationary bike
10 minutes stretching

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