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After a long rest

Budapest Week 7 - Monday

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I went fishing yesterday afternoon with my son. The weather forecast was awesome(overcast with a light breeze); unfortunately it was wrong and it was very sunny and windy(15mph) which made kayaking very very challenging. Despite the difficulties of fishing we had fun and as always it was great hanging with my son. The pond we went to is about 30 miles north of where we live in the country. The pong is 25 acres and is really quiet with the only sound coming from the many cows in the fields.

We did not get back til about 9pm so I went to bed later than normal(which was worth it but I will be tired tomorrow). I slept great and woke up feeling good.

Pool setup LCM

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on :55

Main Sets
3x(3x300 pull with paddles and bouy on 3:45 descend 1-3)
100 easy
4x150 kick with fins on 2:30 as streamline flutter on back, streamline fly on back, streamline flutter on back
12x50 4 fly, 4 back, 4 free on :50 odds drill, evens build
100 easy
4x100 on 2mins as 25 free afap, 50 easy, 25 back afap

Warm down
4x100 on 2mins no faster than 1:30 slow perfect free

I felt great in warmup but after the first round of 300s started to tire, but held my stroke long and was getting between 3-8 seconds rest per 300 in the round. I held it together pretty well until the last round and on the last 2 came in right at the interval. I was whooped after this set, but I was very happy with the pace. The kick was easy and I used it as active recovery. My lats hurt pretty bad after the pull so I kicked wriggling around trying to loosen my lats in the streamline position(not easy). The drill/build was very unimpressive and was really a continuation of the active recovery. The 4x100ís was hard but I went after the fast 25s and felt pretty decent by the end. On the warm down Tom insisted on no faster than 1:30 which sounds easy but I learnt that my sink speed is faster than 1:30 so had to really try to not compromise stroke for speed. On the last one he said if I did not slow down I would be doing a 400 fly, so I swam with my legs split wider than my shoulders and basically dragged my legs and went 1:31 

Looked at my title just now and realized I am almost half way through the training for Budapest! I only have about 6 weeks til we taper!!!! Planning on one more phase of increased distance and intensity after this week, before I head to Colorado with the kids for their training camp(and I get to train at altitude for 10 days).

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