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Swimming Through Jello

10/5/17 Workout

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by , October 5th, 2017 at 10:14 AM (59 Views)
10/5/17 Pool Workout

Sprint day today!

200 sw/200 k/200 p

4x100 RIMO K/S/D/S 1:45

4x50 fr d1-4 :60 (:35, :32, :30, :25)

100 EZ

8x50 sprint off blocks IMO/EZ (fly :25 low, back :26 low, breast :31, free :23 low)
8x25 sprint off blocks IMO/EZ (fly :11 mid, back :11 high, breast :14 low, free :10 mid)
8x25 fins UW kick/EZ :30

200 warm down


//So I can still kind of sprint, I guess... and by "kind of" I mean I can do all-out 50s slightly slower than I used to take out 200s! 4 weeks 'til the meet, let's see how much I can improve from this.

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