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Swimming Through Jello

11/2/2017 Workout

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by , November 2nd, 2017 at 10:07 AM (27 Views)
11/2/2017 Pool Workout

Last workout before the meet on Saturday. Just getting everything tuned up.

200 sw/200 k/200 p
8x50 k/dr-dr/b :60 IMO

4x25ish middle of the pool fast turns

10x25 uw kick fins :40
8x25 fins shooters IMO :30
50 EZ
8x25 open/close IMO :30
50 EZ
8x25 fast from blocks/EZ IMO

100 warmdown

2200 yards

Will have to remember that I need to look for the wall a bit (or at least be comfortable with where it is) Saturday, since I haven't really swam in a SCM pool for a really long time.

Saturday events - 50s of all strokes, 100 IM, possibly a couple relays. It's Sprint King from college all over again! Just not going to do the High School Meet set the next day...

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