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Swimming Through Jello

Ozark LMSC SCM Champs

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by , November 6th, 2017 at 09:54 AM (21 Views)
11/4/2017 - Meet day!

Warmup -
200 sw/200 k
8x50 k/dr-dr/b :60
3x100 free 1:30
100 EZ
4x25 shooter off blocks
100 EZ

Events (with SwimSwam time conversions, helpful for me because I haven't swam SCM in decades)-

50 Breast 31.23 (28.13)
//Jammed the turn! Mistiming walls is a constant theme here, not used to SCM! Stroke rate was great and felt like I got stronger as the race went on.

50 Fly 26.57 (23.93)
//And glided into this turn. A little herky-jerky stroke but held it together well.

50 Back 27.58 (24.84)
//Spinning my wheels a bit, plus glided into the turn. Lots I could improve on this one.

100 IM 1:03.48 (57.19)
//Started running out of gas here - only a couple heats between 50 back and this. Consequently it was pretty sloppy.

50 Free 25.31 (22.80)
//Calf cramp! I think I will just reserve judgement on this event 'til next time :P

Happy overall. Some times (50 breast and 50 fly) that I would be happy with in any context in college, and 50 back is as good or better than I'd do in season in college. Definitely ran out of gas by the end - my lactic acid buffering is apparently not as good as it used to be, who'd have guessed taking 6 years off and coming back to 2 hours in the pool a week instead of 20 would do that?

About 200 warm up and 200 warm down between events, so probably a bit more than 3000 meters all told.

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