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Swimming Through Jello

11/9/2017 Workout

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by , November 9th, 2017 at 09:01 AM (27 Views)
11/9/2017 Pool Workout

Looked like the high schoolers had played water polo and hadn't put the pool back together the night before, so started with fixing the flags and tightening lane ropes and such.

200 sw/200 k/200 p/200 IM dr

4x{200 fr 3:00, 4x50 IMO 1:00}
//Felt something pull front left shoulder in the middle of the second round, so did the last two rounds kick with fins on 2:40 and :50. Bah humbug, and I thought my left shoulder was the one that wasn't worn out.

12x25 kick w/board :40 D1-4

100 warmdown

Stupid shoulder. I hate being hurt. It'll probably be better tomorrow though it's frustrating right now.

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