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Swimming Through Jello

12/1/17 Workout

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by , December 1st, 2017 at 09:15 AM (9 Views)
12/1/2017 CrossFit Workout

Thought jammed finger felt good enough to try a CF workout again. Mostly OK.

Warmup - plyos, airbike, stretching, PVC drills

Strength/Skill -
A) Back Squat 225/7,7,7
B) Seated box jump 30"/6, 42"/6, 48"/6
C) Pistols 10,10,10

//Squats felt WEAK after a couple weeks off them. C was supposed to be rope climbs but the finger wasn't liking the grip. Top joint still iffy.

Conditioning -
SDHP 75#
Bar-facing burpees
Assault Air Bike Calories

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