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12|11|17 Dryland LT, plyo, calis

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by , December 11th, 2017 at 10:46 PM (490 Views)
No chance for a wet workout today (or yesterday, as well as Saturday and Friday) due to time and broken pool heaters. Was overdue lactate threshold work, accomplished this task on the treadmill, probably for the better (shoulder suffers directly proportional to ratio of work:rest in swimming.

2 min / 2mph
4 min / 5.5 mph
2 min / 2mph
4 min / 6.5 mph
2 min / 2mph
4 min / 7.5 mph
2 min / 2mph
4 min / 8.5 mph
2 min / 2mph
2 min / 9.5 mph
1 min / 2 mph

Glute machine
  • 1 x 10 x 75 ea

One leg box hops
  • Jump on 12" platform, then off to the fwd, then back on and off backwards
  • 10 ea

Wheel pose
  • 10 x 0:10 on 1:00

Mayurasana pose
  • 10 x 0:10 on 1:00

Bag kicks
  • Rt side kick/heel kick combo and finish with a lt roundhouse
  • Do other side, repeat 5x

I hope dryland LT work will transfer to the pool. I really enjoyed the treadmill workout and already have the short term goal to complete the 9.5 for 4 min and start a 10.5 effort. Would like to do this once a week as the net sum (~2.5 mi /wk)of all the running I will do.

Had MRI done on right shoulder and neck. I sure do hope my insurance covers this one.

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    I don't think I've ever taken a Tmill over 7 mph or so (my speed and balance just aren't that good anymore in my 60s). So I saved hard running for outside on the track. Be careful, cause a stumble at that speed could really hurt on a tmill.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    True that.
    We’ve all seen videos of treadmill fails, but mostly of victims much younger. There’s nothing funny about people our age crashing