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12|25|17 to 12|29|17

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by , December 29th, 2017 at 07:46 PM (352 Views)
Been out of pool due to superficial injury while cutting parsnips for Christmas dinner. Got sidetracked while dicing away and mistaken my thumb for a carrot. Superglue and a latex bandage worked well.

Post Christmas dinner yoga
30 x DD(downdog) to chaturanga
30 x touch toes, to half way up, to toes again, then all the way up
20 x (ea leg) DD, to DD with leg up, to warrior, to fwd warrior arms back

treadmill - lactate production
8 x 0:30 on 3:00
  • e.g, 0:30 @ 20% inc and 7mph, then walk remaining 2:30 @ 2mph

just did 5 sets of farmer walks up/down stairs with dumbells

treadmill - lactate tolerance
5.5mph 4min
2mph 2min
6.5mph 4min
2mph 2min
7.5mph 4min
2mph 2min
7.5mph at 3% inc 4min
2mph 2min
7.5mph at 6% inc 1:30min

then did weights/ other drylands for full body

11 x 200 IM kick
  • fly as 12.5m UWDK, stop for breath, 12.5 UW atlantis kick x 2
  • breast and free used a snorkel and board

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