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A Few Changes (January–February 2018)

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by , December 30th, 2017 at 03:31 PM (1895 Views)
You might notice a few changes in the issue of SWIMMER you’re holding (or viewing through your My USMS account).

For starters, art director Annie Sidesinger has made subtle tweaks to give the 2018 book a fresh look while retaining its elegance and simplicity. (Get-out swim if you can spot the changes—just tell your coach I said it was OK.)

Because we’re all about brawn and brains as well as beauty, we’ve adjusted a few departments and columns, based on reader feedback. Many readers—of all interests and abilities—rely on the Training and Technique department for swimming advice, so we’ve expanded it again.

A new T&T column, “Psych Sheet,” will focus on the less-tangible aspects of training. Whether you swim for fun and fitness or are racing for records, a significant factor in swimming well has nothing to do with how high your elbows are. You might need coping skills to overcome prerace anxiety or motivation to stop hitting the snooze button at 5 a.m. Marty Munson, a content strategist who’s written and edited for Dr. Oz The Good Life, Shape, Prevention, and many other publications, will be seeking advice from mental health and performance experts and bringing it to you on page 6.

We’re bringing the “2-Minute Tune-up”—a quick-hit topic that can be read in 2 minutes and remembered for your next trip to the pool—back to T&T. Yes, it takes more than 2 minutes to make the changes once you get there, but you’re in good hands with veteran swimmer and journalist Jeff Commings. A former NCAA All-American and longtime Masters swimmer, he’ll be sharing his accumulated wisdom—and a practice set to go with it—on page 7.

Bo Hickey, a strength and conditioning specialist with Ritter Sports Performance, will be breaking down dryland exercises that are good for swimmers and showing you how to do them correctly and safely in “Dryland Difference” on page 11. Everyone’s favorite science writer Jim Thornton will be contributing our physiology features in 2018, in addition to his Healthy Swimmer column, “Check-up,” now on page 12.

And managing editor Daniel Paulling will be uncovering inspirational stories and writing about everyday swimmers in Swimming Life, which you’ll find on page 46. We’re excited to be adding new writers to our already deep talent pool and grateful for the opportunity to bring you the best swimming magazine possible.

Always, thanks for reading.

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