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1|21|18 LP drylands

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by , January 21st, 2018 at 08:38 PM (256 Views)
Shots definitely helped the pain in my arm and tingling in my hand. Years prior, I thought the shoulder was causing it. Will continue shoulder PT until I get a pass or fail.

50 1 rep supersets consisting of a full dip, and a pull-up done eccentrically (only). Took about 12 minutes.

Treadmill LP @ 15% incline
(3min walk / 1min run)
1.5mph / 5mph
1.5mph / 6mph
1.5mph / 6.1mph
1.5mph / 6.2mph
1.5mph / 6.3mph
1.5mph / 6.4mph
1.5mph / 6.5mph
1.5mph / 6.6mph*
1.5mph / 6.8mph
1.5mph / 6.9mph

*Skipped the 6.7mph on accident

May do something else later on if I have the time.

It seems my body is adapting to LP treadmill work more quickly than the anaerobic threshold workouts. Either my LT conditioning was already maxed, or the LP intervals require certain muscle fiber types that weren't developed. Who knows

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