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1|26|18 lcm

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by , January 26th, 2018 at 04:53 PM (284 Views)
11 x 200 IM kick on 5:18 in following way:
  • 50 as 4x12.5 UWDK taking 3-4 sec air break between 4th done as UWAK (underwater atlantis kick)
  • 50 kick on back
  • 50 frog kick with board / snorkel
  • 50 flutter kick with board and snorkel

I honestly feel my frog kick has developed into my greatest swimming strength. Need to get body back in working order as it has been 21 months since on the blocks for a race.

My back went south last monday at work doing just simple bending. Was practically stuck on the ground lol. Was a little better tue, and wed, but still uncomfortable to sit now

Was able to swim as long as I didnt flip

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