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Swimming Through Jello

2/1/18 Workout

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by , February 1st, 2018 at 11:52 AM (25 Views)
Got an email from the morning coach for the club team with share the pool with that the pool would now be open for an hour and a half instead of an hour on the weekdays, so that's cool! I'll only be able to use about 15 minutes of it as I need to get to work still but even 15 minutes is more work I can get done.

Thursday 2/1/2018 CrossFit Workout

Last day of morning dog duty, which is good because between that and traffic this morning, I got to work later than I wanted...

Warmup - stretching, rowing, drills

Strength - A) Shoulder Press - 45/8, 75/8, 95/8, 105/8, 110/8
B) 1-arm DB SDHP - 45/8, 50/8, 60/8, 70/8
C) ring plank 4x60 seconds

Conditioning -
6x(3 MU, 10 RKBS 70#, 15 squats) @ 2:00

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