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The cold front is here!

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Wow, it was great outside today. It felt like October; cloudy, cool, almost crisp!
My youngest daughter and I rode bikes around town for 4 hours. (this included lunch, running shoe purchase, and a visit to the cupcake store!) We did a 2 hour stretch on the Monon Trail. I need to start biking more.

The water temp was good at FPAC tonight (81 degrees). Here's my workout:
----Warm-up set-----
*200 freestyle swim'
*200 Flutter Kick with fins
*2 X 100 (breast, then backstroke)
------1st Set-------
*5 X 200 Freestyle on 3:30 interval (I didn't get much rest here)
*8 X 50 Flutter Kick no fins on 1:30 (ouch)
-----2nd Set------
*2 X (200 IM, 50 free easy, 100 free HARD, 50 free easy, 100 Free hard)
easy 200 freestyle

3,200 LCM

If you have a chance watch "Gran Torino" it's a great movie. I am watching it for the second time tonight. Steve McQueen reminds me of my Dad.
I read "Dover Solo" yesterday. This is a great read that journals Marcia Cleveland's training and swim of the English Channel in July of 1994.
I would never consider swimming the channel, but this story definitely fired me up to want to train for something special. I am also going to start taking cold showers before "Big Shoulder's" this year in case it's cold!

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