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Swimming Through Jello

Weekend Workouts

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by , March 18th, 2018 at 11:55 AM (65 Views)
Rest day Friday.

Saturday, 3/17/2018 CrossFit Workout

Warmup - airbike, stretching, DL warmup, HSPU warmup

Conditioning - CF Open 18.4
9 min AMRAP
21-15-9 DL 225#
21-15-9 DL 315#
HS walk 50'

6 315# DLs. About what I figured, I can't HS walk anyway and am terrible at HSPUs.

Sunday, 3/18/2018 Pool Workout

400 sw/200 p/200 k/4x50 :50 st/fr

2x300 4:30 1-sw, 2-p
4x100 25 bk/75 fr 1:35
4x150 2:10 1,2-sw, 3,4-p
8x75 o-IM 1:20, e-fr 1:10
6x100 fin k 1:20
8x25 IMO :30

200 warmdown


Triceps really sore from HSPUs. Not much quality today but pushed through. A week, maybe two until some rest for Ozark Champs.

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