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4/5/18 Workout

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Thursday, 4/5/2018 Pool Workout

Last day of taper! Suited up in my older tech suit this morning. Feeling pretty good and will hopefully be very fresh after a rest day tomorrow.

200 fr/200 k/200 p
8x50 k/dr, dr/b IMO :55

3x100 free aerobic 1:30
100 EZ

3x(3x50 :10 rest interval at 200 pace to the feet, 50 EZ)
Rd 1-fr, Rd 2-bk, Rd 3-br
100 EZ

10x25 o-fast from blocks, e-EZ
150 warmdown


TIL that my first 25 breaststroke from the blocks is down to three strokes since I've changed my pullout. Better not mistime anything with that little margin of error!

Meet lineup for this weekend - Saturday 500 free, 100 fly, 100 breast, possibly two relays. Sunday 100 back, 200 IM, 200 breast, also possibly two relays. Wanted to do mostly events I wasn't going to swim at Nationals, since I already have times for enough of the events that I am swimming.

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