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A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming

Wednesday, 7/1/09

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SCM, Solo

350 swim choice
7 x 50 kick w/10 sec. rest
(did odds w/board around 55, evens dolphin on back around 65-70)

pull 7 x 150 w/buoy only: odds free on 2:45; evens back on 3:00.

(did free around 2:15, back at 2:30)
1 min. rest

swim 7 x 100 on 1:50: odds free, evens IM;
(I bonked on this one. couldn't make the interval on the IM. So just swam through it without paying attention to the clock. Just rest 15-20 sec and go again.)

kick 7 x 25 on 45: odds underwater, evens over

(did these with zoomers, face down flutter kick on the underwater, dolphin on back on the over)

175 swim down

Total: 2800 meters

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