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Swimming Through Jello

Meet Weekend!

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by , April 8th, 2018 at 03:33 PM (329 Views)
Two day Ozark Short Course Champs this weekend - lots and lots of swimming.

Saturday 4/7/2018 Meet Day

200 fr/100 bk/200 k
8x50 k/dr dr/b IMO :55
3x100 aerobic 1:20
Some 25 fast off blocks

Specific warmup and warmdown was 200-300 per event. Don't remember exactly what they were.

500 Fr - 5:13.38
//Just for fun more or less. Tried to stay smooth stroke and strong turns.
200 Medley Relay mixed - 23.60 fly split
//Screwed up the start completely. Ugly.
100 Fly - 53.76
//Technically a best time - my best before was 53.9 going out a 400 IM :P
100 Breast - 1:00.89
//Also a best time - never did breaststroke by itself in college.
400 Medley Relay men - Breast 1:00.66
//Out 28.0! Was running out of gas a bit by the end of the day.

Sunday, 4/8/2018 Meet Day

Same warmup as Saturday.

200 Medley Relay men - Breast 27.2 split
//Groin started feeling tweaky on the first 25... also screwed up my start again.
100 Back - 54.56
//Backstroke is starting to come back. Slowly but it is getting there.
200 IM - 2:04.61
//Oooooh... 10 minutes between events is starting to add up.
200 Breast - 2:18.47
//Babied groin a bit. Also 10 minutes between events!
200 Free Relay - 21.96
//A little sloppy, but under 22 is just fine!

Overall super happy with how this meet went. Pretty handily beat my guesstimate seed times in everything. A better pool with better blocks and more time between events and I should be pretty dang good to go for Nationals, although I do have to get back to the gym because I have a CrossFit competition the week before. Will make taper slightly interesting.

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  1. Karl_S's Avatar
    Lots of nice racing! Good work. 'looking forward to reading about your swims at Nats.