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7/1 Afternoon Bike

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I was not able to swim this morning, but was able to ride my bike this afternoon. I rode the Aldridge Creek Greenway, which is a bike/walking path along a creek about 3.2 miles, somewhat scenic and flat. It connects to the Tennessee River Greenway at the Ditto Landing Marina, which is about another 1.8 miles along the river, which ends at the Whitesburg Marina. We spent a lot of time launching our boat from those marinas when I was younger. My brother and I must have taught half the town how to water ski. Again, scenic along the river, but flat. I did 4 laps and a little site seeing around the old neighborhood, plus the 2.5 miles to and from the trail, for a total of 31 miles. It was a bit windy at times. I did get a few hills in, but there are some real mountains for the brave here. Maybe next time.

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