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Swimming Through Jello

4/26/18 Workout

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by , April 26th, 2018 at 08:50 AM (40 Views)
Thursday, 4/26/2018 Pool Workout

Start of taper! Just did intervals with the rest of the group, no problem with more rest during taper time. Also had club team in the pool again, so air quality was meh.

200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

6x75 1:30 o-IM, e-fr build
//Tried to attempt crossover back to breast turns... not successful yet.
5x100 k 1:45 3+4 fast
4x125 2:30 IM, rotate 50 fast stroke

100 EZ

3x{4x50 1:00 D1-4, 50 EZ} bk/br/fr by rounds

200 warmdown


Shoulders a little fuzzy overall from handstand work and double unders yesterday. Felt better than most of the rest of the week though.

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