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Swimming Through Jello

5/3/18 Workout

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Thursday, 5/3/2018 Pool Workout

200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p/100 IM dr

8x50 IMO 1:00 k/dr, dr/b

3x{4x50 1:00 D1-4, 1x50 EZ} IM transitions
50 EZ

2x{3x50 :50 200 pace - 2 to feet, 1 to hands, 100 EZ}
1- fr (26.3, 26.7, 26.2) 2-bk (28.5, 29.2, 28.6)

8x25 o-breakouts off blocks, e-EZ

200 warmdown


Legs need more rest. Pace work was good (faster than I expected) but kick was running out of gas by the last 50 of each. Fastest 50s of IM transitions were meh, not a lot of pop, but I am finally figuring out that crossover turn I think.

Workouts are coming out for the CF competition this weekend... looks like they are not too bad so I should have no problem recovering by Nats Friday.

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  1. gdanner's Avatar
    This reminds me to work on my crossover turn...I haven't practiced it in a few years. I think it's only useful for me in the 100 IM and that's about it. Takes away too much air in the 200 and 400.
  2. JPEnge's Avatar
    Exactly. I was a 400 IMer in college and it just wasn't worth the loss of air to do it. Now I feel like I'll be putting myself at a big disadvantage in the 100 IM if I don't do it, and I'll need every advantage I can get against some of these DI sprinters only a year or so removed from college in the 25-29 age group!