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Swimming Through Jello


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Friday, 5/4/2018 "May the Fourth be With You"

Rest day today. Slept in a bit, brought some soft tissue work stuff (lacrosse ball, rolling stick, stretch band) to work with me to get some lingering knots out.

Thought about trying to find a pool but I probably need the rest day a bit more. Gambling that 3 days out of the water between yesterday and Monday won't screw me up next week... I will be getting exercise with the CF competition but we all know that feel for the water is a different animal.

Plan for next week:
Mon - Standard warmup - short aerobic - shooters - starts/turns (~2500)
Tue - Standard warmup - really short aerobic - pace - starts/turns (~2200)
Wed - Meet warmup - IM transitions - starts/turns (~2000)
Thur - AM Meet warmup (~1200); drive to Indy; PM loosen up - starts/turns if possible (~800)
Friday - Game on!

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