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Calvin S

Saturday 5/5/18

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AM LCM @ UALR "Spring Splash Day #2"

400 swim
6x50 @ :10 rest
odd: kick/dr
even: dr/bld
3x100 @ 1:30 D1-3 (1:19, 1:16, 1:13)
150 EZ

100 FR - 1:02.43 (no splits, although someone told me I flipped at around :31, so I may have even split it)

**At this point I jumped out and whisked my daughter off to a friend's birthday party. I rushed back to the meet 2 hours later with 5 minutes to spare before the 400**

400 FR - 4:52.xx (no splits at time of writing, and I can't remember the exact time)

Total: 1650

I felt short on both races, but my kick felt great for the last 30 meters of the 100. The 400 is 4 seconds faster than I was at this meet last year (the last time I raced the 400). All in all, not bad considering no warm down after the 100 and no warm up before the 400!

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