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Calvin S

Sunday 5/6/18

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AM LCM @ UALR "Spring Splash Day #3"

400 swim (every 3rd 50 BK)
8x50 @ :10 rest
odd: k/dr
even: dr/sw
8x50 @ :15 rest V.S.
25 DIVE FAST + 75 EZ

200 FR - 2:17.90 (1:05.34/1:12.56) - Not exactly thrilled with this time, but I was out late with the wife at a Cinco De Mayo party last night and so waking up early for a swim meet was a struggle. I think I also felt some effects by this point in the weekend from not being able to warm down after any events (particularly after the 400 FR yesterday).

Total: 1500

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Updated May 6th, 2018 at 11:50 PM by Calvin S