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Swimming Through Jello

5/9/18 Workout

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Wednesday, 5/9/2018 Pool Workout

Still somewhat sore. Legs working fairly well despite that. Unsure if taper timing will hit right.

200 fr/100 bk/200 k
8x50 k/dr dr/b IMO :55
3x100 fr 1:20 aerobic (1:01)
100 EZ

3x50 IM transitions easy speed 1:00
100 EZ
3x50 IM transitions FAST 1:10
100 EZ
4x25 IM transition turns
4x25 fast off blocks (25 easy between)
200 warmdown


Meet warmup tomorrow, drive to Indy, loosen up swim in afternoon. Hopefully quad soreness is gone by then.

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