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Calvin S

Friday 5/11/18

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PM SCY Solo @ LRRC "Lactic Hold"

AM swim

300 swim
4x150 @ 2:30 25 UW/25 kick S-line/50 drill/50 sw w/ fins + SNKL
4x25 @ :40 V.S. FR kick w/ BD

400 @ 6:00 SMOOTH pull w/ paddles + SNKL
8x50 @ :50 FL kick w/ fins + BD
400 @ 6:00 SMOOTH pull w/ paddles + SNKL
8x50 @ :50 FL kick w/ fins + BD

100 EZ

Total: 3700

PM swim:

400 swim (100 FR/100 BK)
300 pull w/ SP + SNKL
200 kick w/ BD (100 FR/100 BR)
100 progressive scull w/ buoy + SNKL

4x25 @ :30 V.S.
50 EZ

6x25 @ :15 rest 15M BURST w/ chute
100 @ 2:00 FAST FR (:56-, :56+)**
4x100 @ 1:15 lactic hold **
2:00 REST

150 EZ

Total: 2600

** So on the second round, I was on the 3rd 25 of my fast 100 when this lifeguard stretches a buoy rope across the lap lanes (effectively dividing the pool in half). It clotheslined me and I am lucky my arm didn't get all tangled up in it. As fast as I was going, I could have hurt my shoulder if my arm had gotten caught. I then had to dive underneath it on the last 25 and for the 4x100 lactic hold. The manager on duty said his boss said that when the pool starts to get crowded they are required to put the rope up. I don't doubt that, but two things bugged me:

a) The fact that he had the lifeguard stretch it across while I was in the middle of swimming. A heads up would have been nice, or the decency to not stretch it across while it was obvious that I was going to swim by again without knowing the rope was there!

b) the fact that the manager came over to explain things to me, as nicely as he could, but when I said "OK so the lap lanes are closed now?" He tried to explain to me that the lap lanes were not closed and that I was welcome to continue lap swimming...with a
rope dividing the lane in half.

I probably would have been 55 or better on the second 100 FAST if I hadn't had the rope issue.

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