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Swimming Through Jello

5/18/18 Workout

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Friday, 5/18/2018 Pool Workout

Half LCM/Half SCM (lightning so we had to go inside - and the SCM pool was probably 84 degrees or so), 100% breaking taper fun!

200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p

2x200 fr 3:20
4x100 2-fr 1:45, 2-IM 2:00
4x50 fr 1:00

2x200 k/fins 3:15
3x100 k/fins 1:40
2x50 br 1:00

2x200 p/pads 3:10
4x100 2-fr 1:40, 2-IM 2:00
4x50 IMO/ez by 25 1:10

200 warmdown

3700m (geez, that's like 4000 yards... I don't do that much normally!)

Didn't really care about fast intervals/performance but I did get going a bit in the last block of stuff.

Pro tip: Don't break your taper with your first long course swim in 8 year! Oh boy!

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