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Swimming Through Jello

6/4/2018 Workout

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Found myself just going through the motions today. Had some UC related issues this morning, joints are still not totally happy with me for 11+ hours in the car Saturday, legs are somewhat sore from squats. It was 60 outside this morning and the pool temp was at 77, which is really nice but it took me a bit to get warmed up because not used to that. Excuses, excuses.

Monday, 6/4/2018 Pool Workout
Crestview MS LCM200 fr/100 bk/200 k/200 p

4x100 o-IM 2:00, e-fr 1:45
2x150 fr/bk/fr 2:40
2x200 k fins 3:20
300 p/pads & snorkel 5:00
2x200 1-25 IMO 25 fr, 2-25 IMO k, 25 fr 3:30
2x150 p/pads & snorkel 2:45
4x100 2-1:30 2-1:45
4x50 1:00 warmdown


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