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Calvin S

Tuesday 6/19/18

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AM LCM w/ BASH @ Main Pool “Test Set Tuesday”

300 swim
8x50 @ 1:10
Odd: kick 25 on side/25 on back
Even: swim 25 BK/25 FR

5x50 @ 1:10 FAST FR kick w/ BD
100 @ 2:00 SMOOTH swim

5x50 @ :50 FR swim
100 @ 2:30 SMOOTH kick

150 EZ

300 DIVE FAST (3:47)
100 EZ
200 DIVE FAST (2:30)
100 EZ
100 DIVE FAST (1:10)

4x50 @ :10 rest B&A drill w/ SNKL
6x50 @ :10 rest pull w/ SNKL last 12.5M scull
200 EZ

Total: 3750

Water temp was probably 85 today due to the hot weather and sun we have had here in Cincinnati the last few days. I felt very lethargic and was unable to get “warmed up” (I was plenty WARM (or hot) by the time I finished the first 300). The dive fast stuff wasn’t very good. I’m finally getting run down from the grind over the past 10 days.

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