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Swimming Through Jello

7/11/18 Workout

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by , July 11th, 2018 at 10:12 AM (172 Views)
Tuesday, 7/10/2018 Ultimate Frisbee

Ended up being my workout for the day and it wasn't bad actually - we usually have ~16-17 people show up for a game that plays 7 per side, and we only had 8 for a doubleheader today. So I did a LOT of running around. Pretty sore this morning!

Wednesday, 7/11/2018 Pool Workout (Take 3!)

Finally got back in the water with no mishaps! Definitely felt like I hadn't swam since Friday... still no speed. This meet Saturday is going to be interesting.

200 fr/100 bk/200 k/100 p/100 IM dr

2x150 2:45 - fr/bk/fr, fr/br/fr
200 3:30 100 IM/100 fr

5x100 fr 1:50-1:45-1:40-1:35-1:30 mild descend
6x50 1:10 25 smooth/25 build fr/bk

5x100 p/pads & snkl 1:50-1:45-1:40-1:35-1:30 mild descend
6x50 1:10 25 fast/25 EZ IMO

5x100 k/fins 1:50-1:45-1:40-1:35-1:30 mild descend
6x50 1:10 1 EZ/2 fast fr/fr/fl/br for the fast

100 warmdown


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