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Calvin S

Thursday 7/12/18

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TBC post swim


2x300 @ 4:35
2x300 @ 4:25
2x300 @ 4:15

12x100 w/ fins + SNKL
2 @ 1:40 kick w/ BD
2 @ 1:20 swim w/ 15M UW kick off every wall

8x50 @ :50 swim w/ SP breathe every 4 w/ an overkick
100 EZ

Total: 3500


2x (:45 per exercise)
reverse lung R leg w/ 2x12# db
push-ups/plank ups (RD1), plank ups (RD2)
reverse lung L leg w/ 2x12# db
weighted sit-ups w/ 15# db
1:00 REST

3x (:45 per exercise)
reverse lung w/ 2x12# db (RD1- R leg, RD2- L leg), froggers (RD3)
half burpees w/ side squat walk
push-ups (RD1), plank ups (RD2), push ups (RD3)
leg lift to weighted crunch w/ 15# db (1:30 instead of :45)
1:00 REST

2x (:45 per exercise)
pike press
weighted sit-ups w/ 15# db
leg lift to weighted crunch w/ 15# db
Statue of Liberty sit ups w/ 15# db (RD1- switch arms halfway, RD2- switch arms at :45, go for 1:30)
1:00 REST

squats and squat hold w/ press using Bosu Ball

(If you are familiar with the song that goes "bring Sally up, bring Sally down..." basically the instructor plays the song and we go down on "down" and up on "up" and when we go down and wait for the word "up", in this case, we had to hold a squat position and press the Bosu Ball forward repeatedly.)

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