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Swimming Through Jello

7/26/18 Workout

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7/26/2018 Pool Workout

Still super sore from the power cleans/burpees combo Tuesday. Especially traps, but everything is a little fuzzy. Also walked into the pool and the burglar alarm was blaring - did some searching and apparently the pool painting crew had taped the outside door contacts together instead of impairing the alarm so they could prop the door open and one of the contact pairs has come untaped. Took a bit to find it, so just a little delayed.

4x{200 fr 3:00 br 3-4-5-3 x50
100 k/dr 2:00}

6x{3x50 1:00 D1-3 (o-fr, e-IMO)
2x100 D #2 by round (o-IM 1:40, e-k 1:50)}

2x{100 fr overkick 1:30, 100 ez 2:00}

100 warmdown


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