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Swimming Through Jello

8/1/18 Workout

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by , August 1st, 2018 at 08:31 AM (170 Views)
Contemplated going back to bed when the alarm went off. Glad I decided not to, starting to feel like myself in the water again!

Wednesday, 8/1/2018 Pool Workout

300 smooth br3/5 x50 30 sec rest
3x50 k 1:10
200 moderate br3/5 x50 30 sec rest
3x50 k/sw no free 1:10
100 80% br3/5 x50 30 sec rest
3x50 IMO 1:10

2x{8x75 1:20 2-sw, 2-last 25 k, 2-last 50 k, 2-sw
200 p br5/7 x50 3:30
8x50 1:00 2-6 dolphin kicks, 2 strokes no breath each wall, 2-5/3, 2-4/4, 2-3/5}

200 warmdown


Held :47/:46 on the 75s all swim, turns and breakouts starting to feel better after I let them get a little lazy swimming LCM. Lots of breath control and I am terrible at breath control but that just means I need to do it more.

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