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Calvin S

Saturday 8/4/18

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by , August 4th, 2018 at 01:32 PM (388 Views)
AM SCY Solo @ LRRC "Lactic Hold" or "You know there is a lap swimming pool down there?"

400 (75 fr/25 scull) w/ SNKL
300 pull w/ paddles + SNKL
200 kick every 3rd 25 BR w/ BD
100 I.M. drill

6x50 @ :45 D1-3, 4-6
8x25 V.S.
4 @ :40 FR kick w/ BD
4 @ :30 FR swim
100 EZ

4x25 @ :15-20 rest 12.5 BURST/12.5 FLOAT w/ chute (which broke again so I tied my mesh bag to the chute and put my fins in my bag for added weight)
1:00 REST
100 @ 2:00 PUSH FAST (:53, :53+, :54, :54)
4x100 @ 1:10 lactic hold w/ 4/6/2 turns
2:00 REST

20x50 @ 1:00 "Progressive Freestyle" w/ SNKL

Total: 5000

So I had some issues with the water aerobics people towards the end of my practice. The back story here is that I got in the water at 7:25 AM. Water aerobics class begins at 9:00. I was swimming in lane three of an eight lane pool, but there is only one lane line strung up (the one between lanes two and three). I was on the last 6-8 50s of my warm down at 8:55 when the aerobics people got in and started "walking" the width of the pool. Now seeing me in there, I would have thought these people could have the sense to stop at the black line in lane 3 and turn around, as opposed to going all the way to the lane rope. I had wedged my self as far against the rope as possible to maximize their room, but really, how can 11 adults need 75% of the pool? There was an old man lap swimming in lane two and swim lessons going on in lane one so I didn't think it fair to them (they had been there for 30-45 minutes already) to make them move for me. This one lady kept intentionally stepping in front of me when I swam by so as to generate a scene. She kept trying to yell at me about the fact there was a class going on, blah blah blah. When I got out of the water, she says to me, "You know there is a lap swimming pool down there?" (gesturing to the LCM pool). As if to say "hey I think you are confused, your kind is supposed to be over there!" I said, "yeah I know," and walked off, which this woman continuing to lecture me louder and louder as I got farther and farther away.

I really don't think there is any one particular group of pool users that act any more entitled than a water aerobics class. They absolutely refuse to find a way to coexist with anyone using the pool at the same time as them. Anyways, had a fantastic practice. Rant off.

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    That's what happens when you get old and overweight - trust me I'm there. haha.

    I've been yelled at for making waves swimming fly cause their hair might get wet.
    Updated August 8th, 2018 at 11:44 AM by Sojerz
  2. Calvin S's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sojerz
    I've yelled at for making waves swimming fly cause there hair might get wet.
    I got that complaint once too. From some lady who was right up against the lane line adjacent to my lane. I was doing fast FR kicking and she complained I was splashing her too much. I just ignored her and tried not to make it look like I was intentionally trying to kick harder every time I passed her.