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Swimming Through Jello

8/8/18 Workout

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by , August 8th, 2018 at 09:17 AM (125 Views)
Wednesday, 8/8/2018 Pool Workout

Gym workout looked pretty boring so I decided to get my second swim in today. If I have time on the weekend I might get another in then, not sure.

900 - o 100s-fr b by 100, e 100s-1-arm fr alternating by 25

5x100 1:25 (pink HR - held 1:04)
3x50 k 1:10/3x50 1-arm 1:00
8x75 1:10 (faster than 100s pace - held :46)
3x150 p br3/5/7x50 :60 rest
8x50 k :50

4x{100 smooth 1:40, 4x25 fast :25}

200 warmdown


Was moving pretty efficiently today! Died a bit on the kick, definitely need to hit that more often. Triceps were feeling it in the 25s.

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