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Swimming Through Jello

8/15/18 Workout

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by , August 15th, 2018 at 09:44 AM (181 Views)
Wednesday, 8/15/2018 Pool Workout

Pool was unexpectedly warm today, had trouble pushing myself like I wanted to. Got the work done though. Slower intervals because I just went with everybody else but it let me descend a little harder.

300 fr/200 k/300 f-st-f/200 p/300 build

3x{200 3:15
3x50 k 1:10
200 3:15
3x50 p 1:00
200 3:15}
D 200s 1-3, rd1,2-fr, rd3-k/fins

200 warmdown

4200y - new Masters yardage record!

Ozark SCM champs is apparently going to be Nov 3. Should give me time to get back in pretty good shape and then after my early-October vacation to get back into it and then mini-taper.

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