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Swimming Through Jello

10/18/18 Workout

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by , October 18th, 2018 at 08:33 AM (121 Views)
Had been planning on going to swim Wednesday morning but just wasn't feeling it when I got up. Will have to make that up next week, at least 3 days swim.

Thursday, 10/18/2018 Pool Workout

300 swim
200 k
300 p/pads & snorkel
200 build

3x{4x75 k/sw 1:30 aerobic
6x50 d1-3 1:10 (fr/bk/br by rounds)
8x25 VS :35 (fr/bk/br by rounds)}

200 warmdown


Took a bit to get into it and felt a little off, still getting into swing of things from vacation and bad attendance week the week before that. But went pretty fast - 24s on the free 50s were decent.

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